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Tips For Choosing Patio Furniture

Dec. 21, 2022

Excellent patio furniture can bring comfort and practicality to your outdoor space. A basic stone patio can be transformed into an outdoor dining venue with a spacious table and comfortable patio seating. Decorate the porch with a wicker sofa and a classic rocking chair, both covered with plush cushions, and it can quickly become a second family room in warm weather. With the right patio furniture, small spaces such as balconies and pocket gardens will entice you to get out and about. Use the following tips to choose the best outdoor furniture for your patio. Thoughtful planning will help make your backyard your new favorite place to relax, dine and entertain.


1. List your patio furniture needs

First, consider how you want your outdoor space to function. For example, do you want it to serve as a dining area on warm summer nights? Do you plan to host your next dinner party or your child's birthday party in the space? Or do you envisage a quiet reading corner in your outdoor room with comfortable and welcoming seating on the terrace?


Make a list of the activities you want to do in the space and use it as a guide to determine what type of patio furniture you need. For example, if the main function of your 12x16 foot patio is to host casual evening cocktail parties, a dining table is not required. Instead, opt for ample comfortable seating, a few side tables, and a fire pit.

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2. Try out patio seating before you buy

When buying patio chairs and sofas, sit down before you buy. Patio furniture is likely to be used a lot, especially in the warmer months, so it is vital that the seating is comfortable. Look for furniture with backrests and plush cushions on the seats, or comfortable metal and wooden furniture with fluffy pillows for maximum comfort. Make sure all fabrics are weather resistant to prevent fading or mould growth.


3. Choose outdoor furniture that is easy to care for

Reserve most of your time outdoors to enjoy your living space, rather than maintaining the furniture. Look for patio furniture that is easy to care for to minimise the need for maintenance. Most metal, teak, cedar and all-weather wicker pieces will stand up to whatever nature throws at them. With regular cleaning, furniture made from these forgiving materials is built to last. You can also upholster patio furniture with outdoor cushions and pillows that come with removable covers and can be easily thrown in the washing machine.


4. Consider storing your patio furniture

During the off-season Storing patio furniture in a protected area will extend the life of your patio furniture. A garage, basement or shed will protect parts from the elements to prevent damage or additional wear and tear. Even the sturdiest patio furniture, such as teak chairs or wrought iron benches, will last longer if they are stored away when not in use. If you have limited storage space, look for patio furniture that folds or can be easily taken apart for compact storage. Stackable chairs also help to maximize storage space at the end of the patio season.



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