Mr. Normand Couture, famous designer known as “Mr. Sofa”, is the Founder & Designer of COUTURE Jardin, he is responsible for all the designs of CJ  products. With its unique design, it has become the strong IP of Couture Jardin.

Mr. Normand started his career as an indoor furniture designer, after decades devoted to it, he discovered a new passion: outdoor furniture design. 

Today, his unique creativity translates very well his vision of beauty and comfort to make outdoor living a happier experience. With its unique original design, it has won more than 57 international awards and seven consecutive American Pinnacle Awards. Now, COUTURE Jardin collections are sold in over 70 countries around the world. 

CJ is fully committed to offer the world a more relaxing outdoor lifestyle while meeting the high expectations of both residential and commercial customers.

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