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CLUB Dining Table: Excellent Choice of Table Type

Nov. 05, 2021

As the key to your furniture, the type of dining table you choose is crucial. The dining table is often the focal point of the room where you gather with family and friends, so you not only want to make sure it fits the space, but you also want it to fit your aesthetic and enhance the design of your home. COUTURE identified a few key factors to help you decide what type of dining table is best for your space!


Shape Factors

Square pegs do not fit round holes. Likewise, round dining tables don't look good in rectangular rooms! Finding the right dining table for your room is easy: simply match the proportions of the table to the room. Choose from our HUG series of tables in lovely round shapes and our POLO series of tables in rectangular shapes in mixed colors.

polo Table Type


The Social Factor

Social skills are often overlooked, but the shape of the table can affect social interaction. Round tables encourage closer interaction because everyone is sitting within the same distance. No more awkward chatter or being left out of the conversation at the other end of the table!

On the other hand, rectangular tables (retractable ones are better) are more comfortable to use for the dining experience. Check out the ZOOM collection of extendable dining tables!


Evaluate the space

Is this a formal dining room for dinner parties and holidays, or a place for daily operations, crafts and most meals? For everyday use, a low-maintenance but stylish table may be your best choice. Make sure that whatever you decide, you leave enough space around the table to walk around and get in and out of the seating comfortably.


Materially speaking

Once again, how and when you use the material that works best for you is key. If you're comfortable with something higher maintenance that you use less often, then sleek, modern materials like glass and the CLUB collection may be right for you. It has a marble look and comes in rectangular, square and round options.

 CLUB Dining Table

Choose your style

Once you know what size and material to look for, this may be the hardest part. From traditional and modern to conversation starters - your dining table can be whatever you want it to be. Keep it classic with an all-wood option, or choose something out loud that will set the style for your dining room. the LOOP collection of reception chairs is very welcoming and boasts a woven bamboo look for your party talk with friends.



So, what type of dining table should you buy? It depends on the look of your home, and the social activities that surround your table! Both rectangular and round tables have their unique space-saving advantages, and the right design can greatly affect the ambiance of your home. Just keep these tips in mind as you browse our wide variety of dining tables!

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