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Factors That Should Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Table

Mar. 23, 2022

Dining outdoors with friends and family is a simple pleasure that many people enjoy. Having the perfect outdoor dining set makes it even better. Since all other sections are centered around the table, it is a good idea to choose the table first and work outward through your terrace.

The factor that should consider when choosing an outdoor table

The first thing homeowners should consider is how many people they normally host. This will determine the size of the table, followed by the height of the table. Outdoor dining tables with higher heights are a good choice for more formal occasions while tables at a lower height are best for informal or impromptu get-togethers. The age range of the guests also influences the height of the table. If any of the guests are children or younger adults, it makes sense to choose a lower-height outdoor table. Some popular outdoor table styles include:


Oval, 60 to 84 inches long

Rectangular, 40 to 102 inches long

Round, 24 to 60 inches long

Square, 30 to 64 inches

Factors That Should Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Table

  Dining Chairs

The smallest size seats two people, while the largest size accommodates groups of all sizes.


Decorative materials affect how the table sits on the deck and whether it leaves wear marks when moved. Homeowners should know if their patio surfaces contain concrete, wood, pavers, SLATE or other popular decorative materials. They should also evaluate the shape of the terrace to make sure the dining table they choose fits easily. The location of the dining table to the exit was another consideration, ensuring there were no obstructions blocking the path from the back door to the terrace.


Measuring space for outdoor cutlery before buying can prevent unwanted returns and repeated deliveries. After determining the ideal length, height, and seating space, the homeowner should choose how many chairs to place around the table and make sure there is enough space for them without overcrowding guests.


How to choose the best chair for your patio table?

If the homeowner likes something else, there's no rule that says the chair needs to match the table. Some people like to keep it more formal by matching all the chairs, but others like to offer different mix-and-match style options. Buy at least two chairs of each type to ensure they can be replaced if one breaks down. Here are some other things to consider:


The height of the chair should match the height of the table so that people don't hit their knees when sitting or standing.

The chair style and color should at least complement the table and the entire outdoor seating space.

Make sure there is enough space between chairs for guests to feel comfortable and that they don't need to sit too close together.


Another popular look for an outdoor table is the use of a bench on one side of the table. In some configurations, the bench can be tucked under the table when not in use to save space. In contrast, the other side and ends of the table are filled with side or armchairs.

Factors That Should Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Table

  Dining Chairs

Choose chair styles and cushions for outdoor use

Chairs used for patio dining usually come in one of three styles. These include benches, rotating rocking chairs with circular bases, and standard chairs with sleigh bases or four legs. The stability of the chairs and how well they match other exterior finishes are two considerations in this purchasing choice.


Polyurethane foam is a popular material for outdoor chair cushions because it allows water to flow over the cushion without damaging it. Cushions filled with polyester, on the other hand, are more vulnerable to water damage, which causes them to erode quickly. No matter what type of mat a homeowner chooses, they should cover them with solution-dyed acrylic fabric. Taking this step will help protect MATS from sun and water damage and prevent them from fading prematurely or disintegrating.


Don't overlook the types of materials used to make outdoor cutlery

Some of the most common materials used to construct outdoor dining pieces include aluminum, lightweight concrete, teak, wicker, and wrought iron. Style is certainly an important consideration when choosing outdoor tables and chairs based on materials. Homeowners should also consider the typical weather in which they live, as certain types of materials are not suitable. For example, it is a mistake to buy lightweight chairs in windy areas. Those with heavy rain or snow need to consider which materials will resist rot and mold damage from moisture.


These steps should make buying decisions easier when it comes to outdoor cutlery. Now the only thing to do is sit outside and enjoy it.

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