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Sofa Bed Guide: How to Use A Sofa Bed at Home

Mar. 10, 2022

A sofa bed is a piece of furniture that is both a sofa and a bed. A sofa bed has a three-sided bed frame, with two sides used as a headboard and footboard and a third side used as a sofa back. A sofa bed consists of a solid wood or metal frame and an upholstered mattress. Most sofa beds do not have springs.

If you want a small space that offers multiple functions, you may benefit from a sofa bed. A double sofa bed can be used as a home office sofa and quickly transition to a sleeping space for overnight guests. Sofa beds also work well in children's rooms as sofas and play spaces that can be turned into sleeping beds.

Sofa Bed Guide: How to Use A Sofa Bed at Home

How to use a sofa bed

If you plan to use your sofa bed primarily as a couch, find a comfortable recliner. You may want an upholstered sofa bed that has fabric on all three sides. Button tufting, nailhead trim or a faux leather finish can make your sofa bed feel like a traditional sofa.

If your sofa bed is in a guest room, you may want to forgo upholstery and opt for a metal sofa bed frame. You can cover the mattress with a sheet and place pillows on the backrest for added comfort.

Most sofa beds come with double mattresses - full-size and queen-size sofa beds are far less practical than sofas because they have deep seats. Use a double sofa bed for living spaces and a larger size sofa bed for dedicated sleeping areas.

Sofa Bed Guide: How to Use A Sofa Bed at Home

Other furniture

When it comes to space-saving sleeping arrangements, today's buyers have a variety of options.

Roller Beds

A roller bed is a two-in-one bed: a mattress tucked beneath the frame of another mattress. Roll-out rollers and pull-out rollers make the most of small spaces, and roll-out bunk beds provide more sleeping space in a child's room.

Sofa Beds

Like sofa beds, sofa beds serve as both a sofa and a sleeping space. However, sofa beds have moving parts that make their surface flat (for sleeping) or sloped (for sitting). Sofa beds tend to be better suited for sofas than sofa beds, which can provide better sleeping space because they can accommodate non-folding, high-quality mattresses.


A futon is a simplified version of a sofa bed. When used as a sofa, one side of the mattress is used as the sofa back and the other side is used as the seat. When deformed, the futon can be laid flat so that the entire sleeping surface remains level. The futon comes with a metal frame and a wooden frame.

Sofa Bed Guide: How to Use A Sofa Bed at Home

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