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How Do I Choose A Bar Chair?

Aug. 05, 2022

When selecting bar stools for your kitchen, there are four main factors to consider: material, back or backless, style, height, and size.


1. Materials.

Is it important to you to have something that is easy to clean and low maintenance? All wood or all metal chairs may be the way to go. If you want more cushioned seating but still need easy-to-clean sections, leather or seat cushions upholstered in the stain-resistant fabric may work well. Or, perhaps comfort is your biggest motivator, in which case you can opt for a stool with an upholstered seat and backrest.


2. Back or backless:

The answer to the question about using a bar chair will enable you to choose a bar stool with or without a backrest. We tend to think that a bar chair with a high backrest is more comfortable, but maintenance and comfort also depend on the ergonomics of the seat and the materials used. Bar stools without a backrest will slide more easily under your surface to free up space without cluttering up the room.

Bar Chair

 Bar Chair

Tip: If you choose a barstool with a backrest, consider the height of the seat in relation to the surface, not the height of the backrest. Once you have determined the height of the high stool, consider the style of your interior and choose a high stool that matches your design!


3. Height and size.

I should start by pointing out that when I talk about height, I'm referring to the height of the seat above the floor, while the size refers to the width, depth, and overall height of the stool.


Typically, if you have an island or peninsula countertop that is as high as the rest of your countertop, you will need to use a countertop-height stool. If you have a raised countertop that is taller than everything else, then you will need to use a bar height stool. You can use these terms in your search to pull up stools with the correct height range.


Now, there are some height ranges in the "bar height" and "counter height" stool categories, so be aware of those as well. For example, if you have children in your home and they often sit at the counter height kitchen island, you may want to choose a stool that is higher in the counter height stool range.

Loop Bar Chair

 Loop Bar Chair

Generally speaking, counter height stools are between 23 inches and 28 inches in height (from floor to seat), while bar height stools are between 29 inches and 32 inches. You want to leave about 10 inches of distance between the seat and the top of the counter.


As for the size of the bar stools, consider how many you want and how much seating space you have. You want 6 inches to 10 inches between each stool so that everyone is comfortable and not touching their elbows. If you want more stools on the counter, consider choosing stools that are on the smaller side.


4. Style.

Bar stools come in every conceivable shape, color, and style.


Whether your style is modern, minimalist, or traditional, there is something for everyone. Once you've determined what you want in terms of size/height, backs, and materials, you'll be able to quickly sort out all the options that appear under your preferred style and come up with a list of contenders.


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