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How to Choose Coffee Tables?

Jul. 21, 2022

Coffee Table

Coffee Table

What takes up a significant amount of space the moment a customer walks into a café? It's the coffee table. Therefore, you need to choose your coffee tables carefully to keep in line with the design of your cafe décor. In addition to the design and look of the table, practicality is also important. You need to consider the material and size, as well as the impact on the cafe décor, as this can affect customer satisfaction.


Coffee tables can help set the mood and feel of your cafe, whether it is rustic or new and modern, the type of coffee table you choose can define the customer view of your cafe. Tables are where customers spend most of their time in your cafe. They will notice them as they enjoy their food and drinks, so it's safe to say that coffee tables will leave a lasting impression on your customers.


Choose the Right Coffee Tables With These 4 Tips

1. Business Thinking

Commercial coffee tables meet environmental needs and are versatile. You can use it outdoors, indoors, and in spaces with uneven floors. These tables have a stylish and trendy look and offer you plenty of options.


2. Indoor or outdoor?

Table tops and tabletops depend heavily on usage! Cost-effective laminate table tops are not suitable for outdoor use. For outdoor spaces, you can choose teak or hardwood table tops. Do you want your entire cafe furniture to be consistent with your outdoor and indoor space? If so, you must choose materials that fit the outdoor space and match seamlessly with the cafe's interior. So, if you choose wooden chairs with cushions for the interior of your cafe, use them for the outdoor space.

3. Size and shape

Coffee tables come in different shapes and various sizes. Finding the right size and shape for your cafe should not be a daunting task. Square top coffee tables are more popular than round tables because they have a better shape for any place setting and they can be pushed together to make larger tables. Cafes often purchase and use large tables to fill corner areas; this provides space for large groups and allows for more variety in layout. While it's tempting to place as many tables as possible in your space, don't forget to make sure there's enough space between them for customers and staff to move around, even if each table is full.


If the area is large, leave at least one meter between tables. This way, people can pull out their chairs without fear of bumping into others.


4. Style and finish

Do you want to achieve a specific look? Coffee tables come in a variety of designs, colors, and finishes. For example, in laminate, it is best to avoid gloss. This does not bode well in a commercial setting. If you want an organic atmosphere, wood may be your material of choice. However, you will need to invest in protection against scratches and dents. A simple tablecloth can solve the problem.


Our ergonomically designed coffee tables are perfect for cafes, bars, staff lunchrooms, and gathering areas. Choose your look - square, round, or rectangular - and match it to our chairs.


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