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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture?

Apr. 27, 2022

In the past, living and entertaining primarily took place in your home. Sure, you had to mow your lawn and maintain a small amount of landscaping to attract curbs, but it was more for aesthetics than anything else. Today, however, the growing outdoor lifestyle has shifted more activities to the outdoors, and small homeowners can increase their property value by adding outdoor space.


Function and Use - How will you use your outdoor patio furniture?

Are you planning to host meal prep parties and seat guests at a patio table with an extendable dining table and armchairs? Or do you just want to play games and snack with friends on a large comfortable sofa and lounge chairs with a coffee table? Maybe you just want to enjoy the sun on a lounge chair while sipping a cold drink on a relaxing, warm summer day. Whatever the purpose, it's best to start your planning with a list of things you want to do. Consider what furniture you might need and how many people you want to accommodate.


Location and specifications - what does your outdoor area look like?

Type of space

You will need to assess the space you plan to provide. Are you outfitting a hardwood deck, patio, poolside, or garden? Each of these outdoor areas has unique characteristics to consider when deciding which outdoor furniture to purchase and which features are important. The uneven ground may require self-leveling table legs, and pools certainly require fast-drying cushions and fabrics.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs

Residential Outdoor Settings

Patio - A standard patio is perfect for outdoor dining, relaxing, or grilling. 

Decks- Decks are a stylish hardwood alternative to concrete decks, but beware of open fire pits.

Pool- Loungers, side tables, and umbrellas are poolside must-haves.

Porch- Relaxing lounge seating is perfect for watching the sunset from a wrap-around or screened-in porch.

Garden - Decorative benches add a classic finishing touch to a well-manicured garden.


Commercial Outdoor Environments

Patio - The restaurant and bar take advantage of the additional space in front and back for al fresco dining.

Sidewalks - Cafes, bistros, and coffee shops extend seating to sidewalk areas so customers can enjoy drinks and casual meals outdoors.

Pools - Every hotel, resort, and spa has lounge chairs, chaise lounges, side tables, and a variety of shade solutions in their poolside areas. They may even have stools for outdoor bar guests.

Atriums - The open-air setting in the middle of a building is often equipped with benches, bistro tables, and chairs for your coffee or light lunch.

Terrace - These upscale, open spaces are perfect for relaxing at the end of the day on outdoor couches and coffee tables in front of scenic views.

Balconies - Hotels often provide small dining tables and chairs for in-room dining.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture?

 Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs


The first step in landscape planning is to pay attention to the condition and physical condition of the building and land area. Are there restrictions that you must consider or modify? Understand the position of the sun relative to everything, and the direction and strength of the wind.


Is the space under the overhang covered by a pergola or nestled in the trees? A screened-in porch is actually indoors, while a deck may be completely exposed or partially shaded by trees. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, protection from harmful UV rays is critical. Surrounding fences and hedges can also affect the security, seclusion, and feel of the space. Do you want to create a cozy corner or a more open lounge area?


Size and flow

One of the most important things to do before purchasing outdoor furniture is to measure the space. You don't want to order your dream combination sofa only to find out after delivery that it's too big for your balcony. Be sure to consider the available space, shape, and traffic flow, not just an exact measurement from point A to point B. If you have an odd area, a small block is a good choice. A few bistro tables with high stools can accommodate the same number of people as a much larger table.


Take some time to think in three dimensions, too. You may need to use a little imagination to picture what it would be like to sit at a particular spot. What would the eye line be? How much space would you need to get up and walk around? You may have room for a bunch of debris, but can you function without worrying about bumping into something or someone?

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