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How to Choose the Sun Lounger?

May. 16, 2022

Looking for a sun lounger to add an exotic touch to your garden decor? Or how about an aluminum sunlounger for a more modern vibe? The garden itself has officially become a living space and your garden furniture deserves to be chosen carefully. Make the right decision and these pieces can provide you with many hours of relaxation!


Whether placed on a deck or lawn or set around a pool, sun loungers should be chosen based on several different criteria. You will have to weigh factors such as material type, comfort, and budget to find the perfect lounger for your garden dining table and chairs.


What you need to know before choosing a sunlounger

Before setting up an outdoor space, it is best to ask some basic questions. Depending on the area you have, especially for small spaces, such as a small balcony, check if there is enough size. To set up a poolside area, it is recommended to choose a chaise lounge that can handle splashing and resist corrosion. Again, this garden furniture designed for relaxation needs to withstand the outdoors over a long period of time. Only deck chairs designed with high-quality materials can withstand harsh weather and UV rays.


For more everyday comfort, keep in mind that some chaise lounges cannot be moved around easily. Bulky models tend to stay in the same place. On the other hand, if you prefer to move your sunlounger, especially depending on where there is sunlight, choose a portable, lightweight, or folding model.

How to Choose the Sun Lounger?

 Sun Lounger

Criteria for choosing a sunlounger

Sunlounger type

Sunloungers are different from other types of chairs. Designed in a reclined position with a comfortable headrest, it is a sun lounger that can be paired with a footstool and is perfect for relaxing moments. It differs from a chaise lounge in that the chaise lounge offers a flat position and a multi-position reclining backrest, with options for sunbathing or napping while stretching your legs. The garden lounger or chaise lounge is more stylish and comfortable than the outdoor folding chair. For moments of relaxation, the relaxation chair is a good choice for both indoors and outdoors. Depending on its use, the folding model is preferable because it is not only easy to move but also has the advantage of being easy to store, saving space once the summer is over.

The shape of the sunlounger

The "S" shaped model fits the shape of the body but in a fixed position. There are also flat sunloungers: a classic shape that lets you stretch out fully. Depending on your preference, the adjustable sunlounger has the advantage of offering a wide range of angles and positions, from semi-erect to flat.

Sunlounger materials

The choice of material is very important. For example, wooden sun loungers are attractive for their timeless look. Acacia or solid teak look elegant, but it's worth remembering that these materials require regular maintenance to maintain rot resistance. PVC, on the other hand, is a lightweight material but has a tendency to heat up quickly. Therefore, it is essential to add a sun lounger cushion, such as models made of woven resin. PVC fabrics are widely available and are usually made of polyester coated with PVC. Care should be taken to choose a good quality fabric.

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