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Tell You The Types of Sun Loungers

Feb. 22, 2023

The sun loungers won the love of a lot of young people with their unique and individual character charm. As the pace of people's life is getting faster and faster, working overtime has become the daily routine of most people. So choose a suitable afternoon, lying on the sun lounger or soft sofa to have a rest, has become the hobby of many young people. So, what style classification do sun loungers chairs have?

1. Teslin sun lounge chair

Teslin is a new material, colloquially speaking, a composite material. Its outside is a layer of leather made of PVC, inside the core for nylon. So Teslin deck chair fabric has the advantages of these two materials: one is that this folding deck chair fabric has high strength and will not break after sitting for a long time. Second, folding deck chair corrosion resistance. Three is not easy to dirty, easy to clean.

2. Phosphating steel tube lounger

It adopts high precision steel pipe as raw material, uses the phosphating liquid to phosphate the inner and outer wall of the steel pipe, forms the black phosphating protective film; Use the microhole in phosphating film as antirust treatment, and then plug the dust plug on both ends of the deck chair to prevent dust. The accessories of Teslin mesh cloth are reliable and stable in quality. There will be no rust of small screws in summer or collapse of rubber band after sitting for a long time, and there will be no fracture of welding joint.

simple zoom chairs

3. Oxford folding recliner

700D Oxford cloth, in fact, is 700D nylon woven, (D is the international general standard is the thickness of the silk bundle and Oxford cloth is a variety of cloth), the general standard is 600D or 900D. Generally speaking, the Oxford cloth on a recreational folding deck chair, multi-purpose polyester-cotton mixed yarn, and cotton yarn interweave, use weft to be heavy or square level organization. It is easy to wash, fast to dry, soft to feel, has good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear, and so on.

4. Carbonized bamboo lounger

You must be familiar with bamboo. Bamboo has a small diameter, hollow wall book, sharp degree, and its structural composition is very different from wood. The intensity of bamboo lounge chairs and density is higher than general wood lounge chairs, the intensity of bamboo material products also is greater than general lumber products. Bamboo texture straight, simple color, easy to bleach, dyeing, and carbonization treatment. The bamboo chairs can be divided into three types, one is the traditional folding deck chair with tenon joints. The second is the modern board structure of bamboo chair board furniture.3 it is bending cannot fold deckchair, it basically develops bamboo material to go up longitudinally better flexibility.

longers of woven fibers

Now you know the materials and constructures. If you want to go near the beach, choose the oxford folding lounger cause it's light and easy to carry. If you just want to stay in your house garden or balcony, you can choose a soft one. For more styles, more colors, and more different prices, go for COUTUREJARDIN.

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