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Style Match: How To Choose The Right Seat

Jul. 31, 2021

Seating comes in many unique designs, sizes and materials. Whether they are used in a lounge, living room or home office, they invite you to sit down and take a moment to relax. At KUSHE, our mission is to guide you to the chair that meets your exact needs.

Have you decided what the material should be? What style best suits your living space? How do you want to spend your time in it? Considering the function and placement of your chairs will not only help you understand the feel of your space, but will also help you find the right design for your lifestyle.

1. Where to place it

Living room: For entertaining guests. Choose one for the popular ones, with a large area and a coffee table. Look at our "welcome" sofa below.

Dining room: preferably hard chairs with backrests, light weight for moving, for family closeness. Here is our dining polo chair.

Bedroom: comfort is the main focus. You can choose a soft sofa reclining chairs. Put cushions.

Balcony: try to choose a recliner, sun lounger. So that you can enjoy the spa in the sunny afternoon.


2. Choose the material

Cloth is easy to clean and change, can change the surface with the change of seasons;

Leather chairs can show noble, but not very suitable for summer.

Tables made of stone or glass are easy to clean. Check the club table here.

Wooden support looks good, but pay attention to regular maintenance to prevent mold or fracture. Look at the sky lounge here.

Metal bracket seat is lighter, but pay attention to the possible damage caused by friction with the ground. Pay attention to rust prevention.


3. Color

Basic white, light brown, apricot, gray is the choice of most people. You can certainly do the same. If your house color is relatively monotonous, the walls are white, want to add some color to the bedroom, you can choose bright colors, such as grass green and navy blue.

4. Height

For the office armchair, seat height should be equal to the length of the calf, when sit down, the calf drops naturally, the palms of the feet just land. If they are too high, the calf are hanging, the thighs will be oppressed, which is not good. If the seat is too low, the thighs are not put on the seat, the body weight is concentrated on the hips, we sit for a long time will also be uncomfortable.

Seat, because of the different shape of the circle back, the use of space also has different functional uses, if used properly can reflect the personality of the owner, improperly will make a faux pas. High-backed single chair, suitable for home use, can convey a casual, relaxed home atmosphere; streamlined shape, strong color contrast, with a strong sense of visual beauty of the chair, very suitable for single aristocrats or studio. Strong personal style of leisure chairs, lounge chairs, rocking chairs, suitable for placement in the space corner or balcony, as a mood change station.

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