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Amazing Remodel: Get A Super Comfortable Daybed

Aug. 27, 2021

Can I use the daybed every day? Sure, you can sleep on a daybed every day, but whether it is comfortable or not depends entirely on the quality and type of mattress. Our space is usually limited and if you want to use your sofa bed every day and sit on it during the day and sleep at night, you need to consider some important things ......

CUDDLE daybed XL

CUDDLE daybed XL

On a daybed all the time

Absolutely you can, but since it will be powerful furniture that can function effectively every day and all night, you need to be very sure that you will find a sturdy, quality frame to support this use.

Wood tends to creak over time and can annoy you the most when you're sleeping. It makes more sense to purchase a sturdy metal-framed daybed, which has received high ratings on Amazon and has proven to be durable enough to withstand very frequent use.

Make sure that the frame can adequately withstand the weight you will be putting on it. Overshoot it slightly just to be on the safe side. The sturdier the daybed, the fewer problems you will encounter in daily use.

Use fitted sheets

Fitted sheets offer a super quick and effective way to keep your sofa bed clean and ready for bed. Keep in mind that daybeds usually use a standard twin mattress, so finding the right sheets should be easy.

The standard twin is 39 inches x 75 inches.

Given the frequency of use and the fact that there is a lot of sitting or hanging out, you should consider using off-white or beige sheets.

Baskets vs. No Baskets

Arguably, a daybed without a backrest is more difficult to sit on unless it is supported against a wall. In contrast, a daybed with a backrest tends to make it look and feel less like a bed when sleeping.

Here, it makes sense to decide whether you will do more ...... sleeping or sitting.

It is the perfect dual-purpose furniture, but depending on individual design, it can be more suited to either one.

180701 MAGIC BOX

Add some side tables

Some handy side tables on either side of the daybed will make it easier to use during the day and especially at night. This would be handy for a glass of water next to the sofa bed as well as any presbyopic glasses or cell phone accessories. (Not that you should sleep next to your phone!)

Mattress selection

A medium-firm mattress works best. If it's too soft, the seating area will "bottom out" when you sit on the seat.

Also, make sure you use high-quality foam or memory foam that doesn't sink around the seating area. Otherwise, you will feel the turf when you lie down.

Essentially, a multi-plane mattress with softer (more comfortable) foam on top, supported by firmer core foam to keep the mattress in shape, will work very well. You can get a good budget mattress and replace it over time if necessary.

The best daybed mattress is one that retains its shape but is comfortable to sit on and sleep on. (This is our top choice)

Use larger pillows

Larger pillows make it easier to convert a daybed into bed mode. The larger the pillows, the fewer pillows you will need and the faster you can take them off at night.

Three large pillows with complimentary colors are easy to remove from the bed before bedtime. They can be stored under the bed or in a nearby cupboard.

Keeping out the light

Wherever you place your daybed, make sure you're blocking enough ambient light from the rest of the house to get a good night's sleep. Blackout curtains or even some stylish room dividers will help make it feel more like a bedroom.

This is an often overlooked aspect of sleeping on a daybed. You need to consider the room and whether it is used as a real bedroom rather than a temporary sleeping arrangement.

If you can't find curtains thick enough to block out the light, consider using two layers of thinner curtains.

If the light is coming from inside the house, try rearranging the light sources in your home. This includes a digital clock on the microwave, a TV standby light and even some cell phone chargers. We are trying to create a space that feels like a bedroom that can be used every day.

170409 Diva double lounger

Wash your sheets often

If a daybed serves a dual purpose, it will get dirty twice as fast. Don't neglect to wash your sheets regularly.

If you're willing to set up your daybed as a bed (or just set it up as a bed) every night, then a high-quality wooden or metal frame will be perfect for everyday use. You can even turn your living room into a bedroom to add more bedrooms to your home. Please contact us now to find more comfortable and pretty sofa and chairs for your home.

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