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The Advantages of Sofa Beds for Comfort and Style

Sep. 13, 2021

Sofa beds are increasingly being used in extra rooms and guest rooms due to the growing popularity of many flip-flops that showcase their style, versatility and class. If you want to turn a small space into a comfortable and versatile sleeping area, a daybed is a good choice. With the release of our exciting new Candy collection, now is the perfect time to have your own sofa bed. COUTURE JARDIN shares with you.

The Advantages of Sofa Beds for Comfort and Style

Perfect for small spaces

If you have a small space, you need to do your best to use all the space you can. With comfortable daybeds, you don't need any extra space to use them as beds. This is a matter of you needing to pull out and set up the futon and sofa bed. Futons are usually more comfortable than sleepers, but they won't provide the best experience. 

Sofa beds are different, and the caster version will give you more sleeping space when you have more guests than expected. 

Reliable comfort

Daybeds offer constant comfort. Throughout the night, the air mattress will leak and lose some of the support it provides. A real mattress with a sofa bed will stay comfortable during the night.

Trust your body and not your eyes. Make sure you try each sofa bed to see if they will stay comfortable while you sleep or sit on them. I recommend talking to a professional at a reputable store to help save you time, money and back pain!

Great Functionality

Sofa beds are known for their functionality. When you add a caster, it's like the bed is hidden in a drawer underneath. This custom feature will make these daybeds ideal for children's rooms. They can easily accommodate extra bodies when there is a sleepover.

All you need to do is pull out the casters and you will have plenty of room for everyone. In the morning, all you have to do is push them back out of sight. Looking for the perfect sofa bed for you? Check out the Outdoor Collection Diva for more inspiration.

The Advantages of Sofa Beds for Comfort and Style

A wide range of options

There are many options to choose from, including a removable backrest that allows you to customize how it sits. In contrast to a futon, a sofa bed doesn't have to be opened or closed to reach the mattress. When you have a futon, the mattress folds up most of the time, which can cause wear and compression, making them uncomfortable. 

This does not happen with sofa beds, and you can easily find options that are as easy to move and store as futons or sofa beds.

The Ultimate in Variety

A sofa bed can be placed in an office, guest room or spare room. The advantage of this is that the bed does not look like a bed unless it is actively used for this purpose. While futons and sleepers are the same, they do require more setup time and space. 

Sofa beds are especially great for offices or craft rooms because they take up so little space, you'll never have to set up a couch for an uncomfortable night's sleep again! Check out our Cuddle collection now!

Beautiful and stylish

Sofa beds are visually appealing and can be made in any style you can think of. Frames can be wood or brass, and they come in any color you want. You can also get sofa beds that look like antiques if that's the decor you want.

Daybeds come in a compact and visually pleasing package that provides extra seating and a place to sleep when needed.

Contact us for a comfortable, beautiful, economical sofa bed!!!

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