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Useful Suggestions for Choosing Bar Stools and Chairs

Sep. 26, 2021

If you are an operator in the final stages of a house restoration, this is often an important step: picking your bar stools. The right bar stool will match the style of your bar and rest at the ideal height for the counter. The number of bar stools available is almost infinite, so take some basic factors into account before you try to buy.

Measuring the Height of the Counter

If the elevation of the bar stools is not flexible, your bar stool will need to match the elevation of the bench so that visitors can comfortably hold their drinks as well as relax their arms on the bar. For residential bars, shorter stools are not common, unless you have a child's place next to you. You definitely need to gauge the distance between the floor and the counter.



A well-balanced backrest height

The type of backrest you choose for your bar stool depends on the look and comfort you want. Backless bar stools are a preferred choice, especially on swivel bar stools. If you want the stool to provide some degree of back support, both low and high back are options. Low-back stools offer some back support and also have a great bar ambience in terms of appearance.

Discover practical features

Simple features often play a vital role in making your guests feel comfortable. Height adjustable seating is no longer just for barbershops, as height adjustable bar stools can accommodate guests of any type of height. Considering how high bar stools can be, it is important to have foot stools that people can put their feet on.


Matching style details

Bar stools made from wood are perfect for rustic homes, while steel or plastic counter stools, with their clean lines, can bring a contemporary look. You may want to expand on this in addition, or choose a design that matches the area and type of home, such as a grey bar stool in a coastal style, or a metal bar stool in a modern high-rise. You can follow KUSHE to see our chairs.



Complement your colour palette

Most bar stools are solid colours, and for ever reason, as they match a range of areas and also blend into your bar without being frustrating. However, make sure to check out a few different colour schemes if you wish to include a glamorous aspect, a dynamic print may be just what you need to get people's attention.


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